The sky here in Milwaukee is filled with smoke from the wildfires on the west cost and up in Canada. The sky is grey and washed out. I prefer bright blue skies with wispy clouds.
When this happens, I look through my shot list for street photos I have planned, make a short list, check my gear, pack extra batteries and my tripod and when the correct time of day is getting close, grab another cup of coffee and head for the location. Yes, coffee is important, there are very few photos of me without a coffee cup in my hand.
Photography is about the light and when the light is soft there are places in Milwaukee that look better than when the sun is harsh. Even then everything changes, and I change my plan as necessary.
One example is The Alley. The first time I went to the alley sky had been overcast all morning and the shot I had planned wasn’t going to work. When I turned into the alley I stopped and made notes on what I was interested in, the time of day and the direction of the sun.
Weeks later when the sky was clear I returned to the alley to check the shadows.
I parked my car and set up for a shot. When the young man on a skateboard appeared, I took the shot and knew I had something but not how good it would be.
Now in July 2021 the sky refuses to clear and I recently returned from Door County Wisconsin. If you look at a map of Wisconsin, you will find Door County in what looks like a thumb on the upper right side.
I planned to take a photo of the Milky way core but once again the smoke was too thick to get a shot worth the time I spent fighting bugs in the dark.
The Milky Way remains on my shot list and when I get a photo I can be proud of, I will post it on the website.
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