Where can I shoot a family

Do you know where I can shoot a family?
I get all kinds of questions on my website. Almost all of them revolve around a picture I shot and how I did it.
Generally, I answer my emails within twenty-four hours. I work too hard to just give away the answer to questions like, how did you do that, or where is that? If it’s obvious then you do not need to ask. Some of the questions are quite funny like the one in the headline here. I did not tell this person where I thought a good place might be.
As I sipped my coffee, I got to thinking about it and I can tell you that I look at common scenes in new ways. I plan every shot, sometimes weeks or months in advance and wait for the weather to cooperate and the time of day to light the scene as I expect. Night photos are particularly difficult. Working in the dark requires operating my camera by touch and feel because turning on a light destroys my night vision for up to twenty minutes and fighting bugs makes it all that much harder. Sometimes the bugs land on the lens or fly in front of it just when I click the shutter. I have great shots of blurry bugs in front of perfectly good backgrounds available if you are interested.
Sometimes I am surprised by things nearby and I take a spontaneous photo that most often winds up on my shot list to retake when the lighting is optimal.
My shot list is quite long, and I review it every morning over coffee while checking the weather forecast. Being a professional photography is a full-time job that I love and sharing the results with people like you makes it worth the time and effort that goes into every shot.
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Kettle Moraine Trees




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