The Starbucks Collection

The Starbucks Collection

Curated and specially priced just for you.

The Starbucks collection is a representation of the artistry of Glenn Mohs, a  Milwaukee photographer known world-wide for amazing views of interesting places.

The Starbucks Collection is focused first on Milwaukee Wisconsin followed by photos of Death Valley where he photographed iconic views of the desert and the Eastern hills of California in the spring of 2022.
Glenn also photographed outstanding views in Iceland in the fall of 2022.
With more than one-hundred photos to choose from and more being added regularly Glenn spends his time exploring and taking photos of scenes late at night or very early in the morning while most people are sleeping.

Glenn is a regular at Starbucks on South 76th street and lives nearby. Look for him wearing his trademark Panama hat.

The Starbucks Collection is updated frequently and new landscape photos are added regularly.

The Iceland Collection is all new! Check it out HERE.

AND, Natures Sculptures are HERE.

A note from Glenn.
These photos make great gifts for yourself or someone important to you . I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.

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