The Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum
Milwaukee has a world class art museum located on the shore of Lake Michigan.
The wing above it was designed by Santiago Calatrava a world-renowned Spanish/Swiss architect, structural engineer, sculptor, and painter. The wing opens on days when the wind off Lake Michigan is light.
Inside you will find displays produced by artists from around the world.
Serious art collectors and well-known art museums lend their artwork for short periods of time so people can enjoy it.
You will find things of interest from paintings by famous people and physical pieces that make you stop and wonder where the artists inspiration came from.
I have visited the art museum many times and marveled at some of the most provocative works that inspire me to reach new heights in my own work. It has reaffirmed my commitment to creating photographic works that draw you the viewer in and become part of the scene, and not just an outsider looking in.
When I take photos, my intention is to deliver a result that inspires you, draws you in and makes you part of the scene.
As an example, on a spontaneous visit to Leon’s, a popular outlet for frozen custard on the southside of Milwaukee one evening I was struck by how this business has prevailed through the covid -19 crisis. People were standing in line, in the dark, in twenty-five-degree weather with the wind blowing at ten miles an hour from the north for frozen custard. And by the way, there is a huge difference between frozen custard and ice-cream as anyone that has experienced the taste and consistency will defend.

Okay, it may appear that I have drifted a bit off topic. The point is that this spontaneous photo of Leon’s at night draws you in and you know that something special is happening here, just like the grand photos, paintings, and artwork at the Milwaukee Art Museum.
Until next time.
Have a great day!
Oh! And drop by Leon’s for frozen custard when you are in town. There is always a line of customers but it’s worth the wait.






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