The Artist

My artwork is focused on bringing out the emotion of the location to you the viewer.
If the photograph puts a smile on your face, then I have achieved my goal.
You are invited to enjoy evocative scenes of the world as it is and on occasion as it could be.

My career in photography began over forty years ago when I purchased a Polaroid camera that popped out small prints on hard paper after having been waved in the breeze. A series of simple cameras followed until I realized that photography was more than a hobby, and it became a passion, one that I still enjoy today.
I continue to challenge myself to find new and interesting locations and use the wonder of changing light and weather in a way that encourages you to experience what it feels like to be there, and to be inside the photograph.
I am awake before dawn and work late into the night to perfect the demanding medium of photography, always striving to increase my skill to ever higher levels.