Stuck at home

While the pandemic rages across the world I am practicing social distancing. For me that means I don’t frequent bars and restaurants as often as I used to. The truth is I was never a proponent of spending time in bars anyway so it’s not a big sacrifice.
As far as restaurants, my wife and I go a bit less often and have our favorites within a few miles of home. Now we spend more time on the deck when the weather is nice here in Milwaukee Wisconsin talking or I spend time scanning artist sites while she does the daily Sudoku I print from the New York Times.

My camera batteries are charged, the camera has been cleaned and the honey do list is complete.
I could say I am bored but that would be a lie. I am busy updating my shot list and planning photo shoots near home.
Very few of my photos are spontaneous shots. While on the way to a planned shot location I watch for opportunities and make notes on the direction, time of day and weather conditions that could result in something I would like to shoot. Sometimes the list gets quite long when conditions are poor. Like when there is three feet of snow, the temperature is below ten degrees, and the wind is howling. My camera refuses to operate outside when it is below ten degrees and so do I.
Professional photography takes time and effort, every shot you see on the website is a result of hours of planning. It means I am standing around waiting for the light to change or better weather conditions an hour or more before sunrise or fighting mosquitoes or half frozen fingers for an hour before sunset. And then after sunset I take more photos until my wife insists, we return home.
I hope you appreciate the time and effort that goes into every shot and enjoy the results as much as I do.
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Until next time, I hope you have a great day!




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