Southwest U.S.

I recently returned from a photography adventure to Death Valley and the East side of the Mountains in California.
Coming from Wisconsin on a day when the temperature was 34 degrees and landing in Las Vegas five hours later at one in the afternoon it was quite a shock to step out of the airport into 90 degrees wearing a sweat shirt and jeans. And then picking up my rental car and driving to Death Valley where it was even hotter.
One hundred degrees at four in the afternoon is not a good thing.

I was there for ten days and was fortunate to get some amazing shots while working with professional photographers from all of the United States.
We were out shooting in the desert in the middle of the night and after sleeping all day, out again to shoot the sunset from amazing places. My sleep schedule was completely messed up when I returned to Wisconsin.
Here are a few of the photos. You can see more in the Southwest collection.

I plan on going back again but perhaps when it is much cooler.





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