Sunflower Field

I spent part of a day watching children run through a sunflower maze while I worked on keeping ice cream from dripping over the side of a waffle cone while sitting on top of a picnic table.

I am constantly amazed at the many ways little people under the age on nine have of walking. Nearly everywhere I go I see them resisting a parents attempt to keep them from getting hurt. They skip, hop, dance, sashay, jump, twist, spin and find all manner of ways to entertain themselves and torment their mothers. Ah, to be a kid again with nothing more important to do than enjoy a warm fall day in the sun amongst bright yellow flowers under a blue sky.

When my ice cream was gone I slid off the table and did a quick two step that made my wife laugh while on my way into the maze to get this photo. A day well spent, a memory never to be forgotten. Enjoy the day.

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