Nineteen Buds

I discovered nineteen buds growing as if on a string among a swath of weeds. It was surrounded by much larger plants bent on sucking up all the water available for their own use. Sharing is not a real thing in the plant world. Survival is the name of the game and the buds, though weak were making the best of it.
Blown by strong winds and heat that threatened to dry it out and kill it, the plant somehow managed to produce nineteen buds that drew the interest of bees looking for nectar that visited for a moment before moving on to easier meals.
The buds face an uncertain future due to the threat of long-term effects of heat and relentless sun. Yes, there is such a thing as getting too much sun in the plant world.
As summer drags on nineteen buds seems to face the threat with vigor rather than give up and die.
Meanwhile Nineteen Buds will be enshrined in this photo gallery and on the walls of many homes and businesses.

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