Everything in nature wants to grow. From the tallest trees to the moss on the ground the struggle to reach the sun is in everything. The Lily is one example of how life on earth is wonderous. The lily that sprang from a seed here was most likely dropped or excreted by a passing bird. Birds eliminate their waste right when they take off to reduce weight. Trust me, I know, having driven through a wall of white waste on my motorcycle one afternoon when a flock of pigeons took flight from a wire over the highway at the same time as I passed and having to stop to clean my glasses.

I watched this lily work its way upward in the garden for days. Its petals closed at night when the sun was gone and opened every morning. As the day progressed it followed the sun and when I saw the reflection of the sun on its leaves, the bug exploring the petals arrived just as I clicked the shutter. I took more shots without the bug in them but selected this one because it shows how everything in nature works together.

The Lilly passed away a few days later after the bees visited and drank their fill of its nectar, but will always be a part of my photo gallery and remembered when the days get shorter and colder.
Have a great day!

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