City Stairs

These city stairs lead up to a rock wall above the cliff. The trees on the right are trimmed to stop them from overhanging the short wall and solar powered lights on both sides make it easy to pass late at night. The wall on the left is in pristine condition and the stairs there are lit as well. The square block in the center holds a small flower garden. At the top of the stars is a natural rock that is lit by a lamppost nearby.
From the first time I noticed the stairs I just knew the time would come when the light would be right and it was time to take the shot. It has been on my list for a while and every time I went by, I would stop and look at it and think about how to do the stairs justice.
One Saturday morning while enjoying breakfast and coffee at a local restaurant with my wife and talking about my shot list, she asked, “What would it look like at night?”
The idea struck like a bolt of lightning, “At night? Why hadn’t I thought of that?” Then I launched into a long description of what it could become as I watched the smile on her face widen. She contributes to my success in so many ways and this time she ignited a fire that couldn’t be doused.
We went to the location, and I walked around once more, figuring the angles, and estimating what the light would be like late at night.
That very night we loaded all the gear, drove to the city stairs, and set up the camera in the precise location where the shot would be spectacular.
I hope you appreciate all the work that went into this photo.
Thank you, Janet, for being the spark that brought it to life.