Busy Bees

I was parking my car when I saw the flowers. A clump of them that hadn’t been blooming the day before suddenly appeared that morning.
I grabbed my camera and began shooting, getting closer and closer until a bee appeared and startled me. Getting a bee in the photo would make it even better than the ones I had already taken and when the second one appeared I knew this was going to be a great shot.
The bumble bees seemed to be working together, staying out of each other’s way as they had their fill and almost acted as if they were posing for the camera.
The truth, I think is that they were daring me to get closer and ready to fight for their lunch if I did. I was within eighteen inches and had no intention of getting any closer.
When they had finished with these flowers, they moved on to the flowers nearby together as if there had been some signal to each other I had missed.
In less than ten minutes they were out of sight, and I am sure on their way to find something else to spend their time on.
While they are gone, I have the photo, and now you can to, of their passing.
Have a great day!

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