Bee on a Thistle

To Bee or not to Bee
Sometimes unexpected things happen and when they do I take advantage of the opportunity to take the shot. The shot of the bee on a thistle in the back yard was taken while I was mowing the lawn. There is a fence between my house and the neighbors and thistles had poked through it on a warm summer morning. I was working on getting my “Honey Do” list completed before the temperature rose too high.
The bees didn’t seem to mind the sound and vibration of the lawnmower when I went past them the first time, but the second time it was clear they were annoyed and let me know in no uncertain terms that I was intruding on their plans.



I stopped the lawnmower and ran. Yes, you could say I was chicken, or you could say that I was advancing to the rear as fast as I could, I my mind, choosing not to fight a swarm of bees that attack from all sides is the right thing to do. I call is self-preservation.
When things calmed down, I came out of the house and approached the bees slowly. I figured there was no sense in setting them off again and I really wanted the shot of the bee on a thistle.
I was within ten inches when I pushed the shutter button.
And then I ran. It seems they didn’t like the sound of the camera shutter any more than they liked the lawnmower and I raced them to the backdoor where my wife wouldn’t let me in. I wound up finding safety in the garage.
While I was processing the photo, I saw the beauty of the bee just doing what bees do and the color of the flowing thistle. That does NOT make me want to let the thistles grow through the fence and as much as I liked the colors in the tiny flower, when it was done blooming a day later it was destroyed in a flurry of spinning blades at the business end of my cordless weed trimmer.
Bees are a good and we need them to pollinate flowers and crops and I did not intend to harm them, but they couldn’t know that. Thistles on the other hand do not seem to have a purpose. Like mosquitoes.