Abandon Dock

Getting the shot is often an adventure. Many times, it involves going on a hike to get to where most people do not go. Getting the shot of the abandon dock was one of those times.
I parked the car in the lot overlooking Lake Michigan and watched the storm make its way across the water. Sheets of rain in the distance under menacing clouds with occasional lightening sprinkled in made the scene even more interesting. The water and the white caped waves had settled down again.
I have a deep respect for lightening and when it seemed like it was far enough away, I scrambled down the cliff carrying my gear bag and tripod, almost falling in the wet sand as I stumbled to the weathered unused dock and fought my way through the tangled debris that littered the end anchored in rocks and twisted iron rods.
I clicked the shutter, repacked my gear and almost made it back to the car before another wave of rain pelted the beach. I was drenched before I could get inside.
It was worth it, and I hope you appreciate the view as much as I did.