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Behind the Camera

Choosing an image that resonates with you is the best way to enjoy one or more of my photos.
If it brings joy or reinforces a memory, then it is a good choice.
If visitors to your home or office are thrilled when they see it, or better yet it stops them in their tracks to look at it and starts a conversation it is a great choice.
When I plan a photo, I research the location and determine what time of day and weather conditions will result in creating the effect I want. If possible, I visit the area before hand and determine the exact location where I will take the shot from.
When the conditions are right, I click the shutter, check the display on my camera to be certain my settings were correct, and then I adjust them or fine tune the location of the camera as needed.
I invest my time to do the work to the best of my ability so you can enjoy the result without having to stand in the cold with half frozen fingers or fighting bugs and risk getting stung by bees.
As a result, every one of my photos means something to me and I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
Choose the photo that is right for you and makes you smile each time you look at it.
Have a great day!



The inspiration that led to “Happy Days”




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