Hot Weather

Hot weather blankets the country again this week along with smoke from the wildfires in Canada and the west coast. Most people are stuck inside running their air-conditioners. We have had ours on for an hour and a half this summer and instead are running the furnace fan to draw cool air out of the basement.
Yes, I really meant to say an hour and a half this summer. It seems to be efficient and provides enough cooling to keep our home comfortable.

It’s a struggle to get up the ambition required to go out and get new photos but that is what I did on Monday night.
The Milwaukee lakefront drew my attention and specifically the state park next to the Milwaukee Art Museum and nestled behind the Summerfest grounds.
The Milwaukee night skyline has been on my shot list for months. When I had the time, I visited Bradford beach and the Colectivo coffee shop while I waited for the sky to clear before sunset. So many times, so much coffee spent on a shot that failed to appear.
This time my wait was rewarded, there wasn’t a cloud in the sky and an hour before sunset I was at the park and set up to take the shot. The mosquitoes found me and I was covered in bug spray. When the sun set I waited until the glow subsided to my liking and took the shot.
The Milwaukee Night Skyline is a panorama that consists of eight photos stitched together and enhanced during post processing to bring out the color and intensity that my camera fails to capture. I am not faulting the camera, sometimes it captures things my eyes cannot see and like all cameras it makes mistakes at other times.
I hope you are enjoying the weather where you are and if it’s hot, just remember these days when it gets extremely cold.
Until next time.
Have a great day!




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