Hoan Bridge at night with lights

The colored lights zipped across the center span of the Hoan bridge in Milwaukee in the dead of night. My hands felt nearly frozen as I waited for the cycle to repeat in an empty parking lot… Read More

Freight Train

The diesel locomotive pulling boxcars loaded with thousands of pounds of commodities slowly rolled along the track. Its steel wheels screeched against the rails while making the final turn as it approached the… Read More

There is a story behind every one of my photos.

Anderson Dock
When the sun sets on Green Bay and the water calms down after a windy day, Anderson dock in Ephraim Wisconsin is a must see attraction in Door County Wisconsin… Read More 

The Alley
I have visited this alley many times, always disappointed at the poor lighting conditions until one Sunday morning in August when the light I had hoped for appeared and lit… Read More

These photographs depict peaceful places in the world.

When I see old, covered bridges it makes me think of the past when men drove teams of horses carrying everything they had on their way west. Not long after, they carried supplies to pioneers living on the prairie we now call Wisconsin. Read More

I discovered Hyde’s Mill while wandering the back roads of Southeastern Wisconsin. The old mill, located in a picturesque valley  where farmers grow corn and the trees stand tall is a quiet place. Built in… Read More

On cold winter days they bring back pleasant memories.

I was awake long before dawn. My coffee and camera waiting for me to venture out before most people think about getting out of bed.
Lake Michigan was as smooth as glass this morning. …. Read More  

Milwaukee Lakefront at Night

This is home. At night young lovers cuddle on benches along the shore and enjoy the view and each other. READ more.

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