Frequently Asked Questions

Where do you get inspiration from?
Nature is my pallet. Everything around us is grand and beautiful. On sunny days when the sky is bright blue to days when fog sets in and mornings when the sun strikes the dew on the grass and makes it glimmer. When the weather forces people inside for safety, I am out looking for the composition that will WOW the viewer. I always have a camera with me, and I take lots of photos. Some make it into the gallery while others do not. Each one represents an adventure.
Why don’t you shoot people?
The short answer is because it’s a sin and against the law. Seriously, every great photographer has a niche they are inspired by and are great at producing outstanding results. I am not interested in working with models or doing wedding photography because I cannot control the situation as much as I like and get results that are outstanding.
Why don’t you sell accessories like shower curtains or coasters?
My art is best displayed in large sizes. On occasion, when I think a photo may look good on a coffee cup or tote bag, I make it available.
Do you appear at art shows?
The Covid-19 Pandemic has severely limited my ability to meet people in public places and feel safe both for them and myself. My photos are on display at the Starbucks at 7420 South 76th Street in Greenfield Wisconsin next to Kopp’s Custard. Both are favorites, Starbucks for strong black coffee, no cream no sweetener and Kopp’s for Strawberry Shakes.
Why aren’t your photos available in all sizes?
My work looks better in larger sizes. A panorama for example does not look great as an eight by ten and I do not offer it. Panoramas need to be displayed as the center of attention in a room and start a conversation. I offer prints in sizes that are appropriate to the subject.
Why are some prints square?
Some subjects are better presented in the square format. I crop my work to fit the mood of the subject and the location where it will be displayed. Hotels, extended care facilities, businesses, and homes have different size requirements. If you are interested in a photo with a different aspect ratio, send me an email and I will see what I can do.
What makes you different from other photographers?
I see myself as a photo artist, not just a photographer. I do not show my work in galleries where an additional markup is applied, and prices would be higher. I proudly display the price of each piece and do not participate in the slippery world where one person gets a significantly lower price while another pays much more in behind-the-scenes negotiations. As a photo artist I spend a lot of time studying the location and lighting requirements of the scene to create a photo that makes the viewer feel like they are there. The final result must be the best it can be, and I offer it a fair price.
Do you put your work on sale?
Yes, on occasion. When I do, the photos are available at slightly lower prices for a limited time. If you see something that inspires you buy it immediately. I run these flash sales for only a few days and sell limited quantities. When the sale ends, some photos are removed and are not often repeated.
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What’s with the hat?
I wear the Panama hat when I am working, and it is warm enough. It reminds me that I need to work toward achieving results as good as Ansel Adams who wore something similar. I may never be as good as Mr. Adams who used wide format cameras to produce world-renowned photos in black and white, but I try to get better every time I take the shot.

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