Bigger is Better

What size photo should I buy?
I frequently get questions about how to choose the right size photo. I get it, art is a discretionary purchase and people don’t want to make a mistake like the one I almost made when I test drove that lime green AMC Gremlin back in the 80’s. The car was too small for a growing family, not to mention it was a terrible car and the color was well, lime green! But that’s a story for another day.
Today I want to tell you what I have learned from my customers. They tell me that choosing a bigger photo was a better choice. They go on to say that choosing one or more of my photos created a focus for the room.
I got to thinking about that and realized that everything I do is about focus. I believe that making the subject, the focus of the photo, larger delivers the message that the scene is important and can start a conversation.
As an example, look at the photo below. This is Horseshoe Bend near Paige Arizona. At an 8 X 10 size this is what a tourist sees from the overlook and most often would wind up left on their phone and never printed. And if the cell phone shot was expanded it would be grainy and likely a bit out of focus.
When I take the shot, I keep in mind that someone is going to want this photo to be printed large enough to make it the focus of the room. When the size expands to 30X24 the details are incredible!
The colorful Kayak’s and the people on the beach far below become visible and the colors of the rock walls and water literally pop!
When hanging on a wall this photo becomes the center piece of the room rather than a trinket in a frame on a shelf off to one side where it goes un-noticed.

Choose a larger version of the photo you love. You will be glad you did.
Have a great day!

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